Luxury Hand and Body Wash - Black Fig & Vetiver

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A luxurious formula which gently cleanses and scents your skin with the rich notes of Black Fig & Vetiver

Black Fig and Vetiver Rich and earthy, this fragrance opens with liquorice tones of anise blended with crisp green leaf and zesty citrus fruits. Coconut sweetens the tones of cedar and violet, that dry to reveal a cushion of oakmoss and tonka warmed by the cosy scent of amber. 

The formula helps leave body and hands feeling conditioned and soft.

Each bottle is made with at least 30% recycled material and contains 250ml of wash. Can be used as a hand wash, body wash, shower gel or even as a bath soak as if produces the softest of bubbles. 

Please refill or recycle all packaging.

Patch test on sensitive skin.

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