Luxury Hand and Body Wash - Dark Honey & Tobacco

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Two luxurious formulas which gently cleanses, moisturises and scents your skin with the rich notes of Dark Honey & Tobacco

Dark Honey and Tobacco A dark and powerful blend of tobacco leaf, softened with honey accords. Top Notes: Tobacco, Honey, Spices, Citrus/Fresh. Heart Notes: Tobacco, Woody, Sandalwood. Base Notes: Amber, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Honey

The formula helps leave body and hands feeling conditioned and soft.

Each bottle is made with at least 30% recycled material and contains 250ml of wash. Can be used as a hand wash, body wash, shower gel or even as a bath soak as if produces the softest of bubbles. 

Please refill or recycle all packaging.

Patch test on sensitive skin.

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