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Top 5 Benefits Of Faux Flowers

Top 5 Benefits Of Faux Flowers

As a passionate advocate of artificial plants and blooms and an ever growing collection here at Dot & Blush, we think they’re a fantastic alternative to fresh flowers for a whole host of reasons. Read on to discover our top 5 benefits of artificial flowers.

1. A timeless investment

While we love the look and fragrance of fresh flowers, they can be costly and during tighter times and a cost of living crisis, it is often the weekly treats, such as fresh flowers that get put to one side. The initial expense of a faux bouquet may be higher than fresh blooms, especially if you choose high quality, highly realistic faux flowers, but that one-off investment can represent much better value over time.

2. An allergen-friendly alternative

British summer time, a time where hay-fever and allergies are prevelant to you or someone you know. Having faux florals in your home alleviates the worry that your loved ones or guests will be going home with watery eyes and a red nose!

3. Robust and long-lasting

High quality faux flowers are incredibly long lasting. The shelf life of the faux flowers we supply can be up to 10 years depending on their exposure to sunlight and care. Although delicate in appearance, our stems are resilient and robust meaning they can stand the test of time. 

4. Style it your way

Artificial flowers are ideal for experimentation and creating your own style. The versatility of each stem means that you can swap them in and out of different displays seasonally or if your decor style changes. You can also play with the height of our stems by bending them to suit your vase or pot, simply bend them back if ever this changes. If you’re new to flower arrangement and want to indulge your creativity, our single stems are perfect for building your own bouquet. If creativity isn't your jam, we sell an array of bouquets to suit every style. 

5. Unbelievably Realistic

In the past, artificial flowers didn’t have the best reputation. Happily, today’s faux florals are completely different to the ones you might have seen in childhood. The stems that we source are ultra- realistic in both look and touch. In fact, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between your favourite faux flowers and their fresh counterparts. Our dried touch collection offer realistic texture and style and are the perfect bloom to wow your guests.