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Coffee Table Styling Made Simple

Coffee Table Styling Made Simple

Coffee Table styling has a key role in making your living space feel personalised to you. This can be easily achieved in a few simple steps and these go-to Dot and Blush styling tips. 

Here at Dot and Blush we have a stunning range of Dorset made furniture that acts as the perfect foundation for your personal touches.

1: Start with the Basics

A tray is an easy way to bring smaller pieces together and ground your scheme. Choose a square or circular tray and place your favourite candle inside for an elegant look. 

2: Layer in Decorative Objects

Layering in small yet beautiful accessories is the easiest way to introduce your own personality into your table. Our ornamental bead garland is perfect for draping between the table and display tray for an effortlessly chic look.

3: Play with Height

Stacking items and bringing in taller pieces keeps the table interesting. A vase with some stems work well for this while adding a touch of fresh greenery to your space. Candle holders are also a fantastic way of adding various heights to your table. 

& Finally...

Have fun! Your coffee table is the centrepiece to your living space, so make sure it is filled with items you love and that represent your tastes and personality. 

Happy Styling!